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Introducing AOI Home

Introducing AOI Home
December 1, 2017 AOI Home
Introducing AOI Home

Introducing AOI Home. The fresh new look is catching everyone’s attention, including Dallas Style & Design‘s!

Read the two page article “Name Changer” in the Winter 2018 issue, pages 142 & 144.

Also make sure to check out the feature on our Mother of Pearl inlay chest on page 101.

“AOI Home, formerly known as Art of Old India, is going through a change, and the result is beautiful and amazing. The change is apparent when you first approach one of the the long-standing stores in the heart of the Design District. The fresh new exterior and large display windows, along with the signage, which sports a new logo, are obvious hints that something new awaits you beyond the calming courtyard, with its marble fountain and greenery.”

“‘Our old name was no longer reflective of our store. We have something for everyone- modern designs, unique finds, small accessories and large architectural elements. Our high-quality designs and hard work will always stay the same!

We want people to know that AOI Home has evolved over the years.'” -Pankaj Dalal, owner

-Douglas King
-Photos by Holger Obenaus