Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Door in DHome

Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Door in DHome
August 23, 2011 AOI Home
pearl doors

Our Tree of Life mother of pearl doors on the DHome blog.

Please come in my house—(I’m pretending these are my new front doors because they are astonishingly beautiful.) In my fantasy I come to the door wearing a lovely antique kimono, my frizzy hair is smooth and pulled back in a chignon (it’s a chignon here, not a pony tail bun.) The house is peaceful with a faint smell of incense, there are no insane dogs barking their heads off.  Oh, wait, this is not my house, it’s actually my favorite store—Art of Old India on Dragon St. And obviously, I have good taste because it is included in that elite list— D Best. Go see for yourself, they are just unpacking a new shipment and these and other doors and architectural elements are included. These doors are antique Anglo/Indian made of teak and inlaid mother of pearl, they sell for $11,000. Also, it’s cool and dark inside, there’s the faint smell of incense…..

-Peggy Levinson