AOI Home, formerly known as Art of Old India, was founded by Pankaj Dalal in 1974. Dalal wanted to share his love of travel and international design with the world. For thirty years, his specially-curated collection was housed in the Dallas World Trade Center. The showroom soon became a favorite destination for interior designers and architects. Visitors from across the globe admired the one-of-a-kind pieces from India, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and East Africa.

In 2004, AOI Home moved to the heart of the Dallas Design District. The 25,000 square foot building now showcases one of the largest collections of antique and modern architectural elements in the country. Every corner of the showroom is filled with grand doors, columns, ceiling panels, and other architectural items. AOI Home believes it is important to save these beautiful pieces as historical destinations are being demolished in India. Many of the antique elements have been given new life by adding modern inlay and overlay work.

The Dragon Street showroom also offers a wide variety of home furnishings in both antique and contemporary styles. Each piece is individually sourced and made by hand. In 2016, AOI Home launched its first collection of original designs. The modern collection demonstrates how contemporary and traditional styles can seamlessly blend together to create well-designed living space.

Hand-Made Products

Each piece in our showroom has been skillfully handcrafted by talented artisans. Every piece of wood has been carefully shaped, each piece of marble finely carved, and each piece of brass expertly hammered. Our inlaid pieces can takes weeks to complete as the pieces of bone and pearl are individually cut and fit. Each member of our manufacturing team has perfected their techniques through the years and takes great pride in their work. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind piece as no two pieces are identical.

Please scroll through this gallery to see our team at work.