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DHome’s 2017 Architecture Issue

DHome’s 2017 Architecture Issue
January 1, 2017 AOI Home


DHome's 2017 Architecture Issue

DHome‘s 2017 architecture issue showcases AOI’s revival of antique architecture,  furnishings, and AOI’s new modern approach.

The feature can be found on page 54 in DHome‘s 2017 annual Design Book: The Architecture Issue:

“For fans of more exotic architectural elements, Art of Old India has provided Dallas dwellers with temple doors, intricately carved ceiling panels, rich tapestries, and other Asian antiques from India, Turkey, and Afghanistan since the travel-loving Pankaj Dalal began his business in 1974. Thanks to new direction from Dalal’s daughter Rupal, the 25,000-square-foot showroom on Dragon Street is realizing a modern makeover. “It’s more product-focused now,” she says. “We like to take the antique pieces and add something new to them.” In addition to antique arches or marble panels, showroom shoppers can also discover Rupal’s newly launched, handcrafted furnishings finished with mother-of-pearl.”