Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage
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Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage

Framed Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage, polychrome and gesso on linen, framed

22″ W  x  28″ H


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This Egyptian Mummy Cartonnage belongs to the Egyptian pharaonic times. Precisely, the Late Period from the Saïte dynasty period (670 BC) to the Early Ptolemaic era (340 BC). The Ptolemaic Era began when Ptolemy became satrap of Egypt, following the death of Alexander the Great. The dynasty ended with Cleopatra, the last Ptolemaic monarch who is believed to have committed suicide by inducing an asp bite.

This piece consists of finely woven linen from the Nile river, with a cartonnage appliqué on top and stucco painted “al fresco”.  It was customary to protect the body for eternal life by placing this piece over the linen which wrapped around a mummy’s body. If the body was destroyed by accident, insects, rodents, or deliberately desecrated, the soul would never gain eternal rest.

After death, the soul had to pass tests and trials for 30 days. The soul had to traverse these unsafe paths with the aid of the book of Death, a long papyrus scribed in Hieroglyphic scripture showing the answers for the riddles. The soul had to come back every day to rest in his body until the test was passed. Depending on a final trial in front of Isis and Maat, a soul could then enter paradise. If the soul failed or was found unworthy, it was immediately devoured by a demon beast, which waited beside the mummy. If the body was destroyed, there was no salvation and damnation for eternity. Amulets and sacred images were placed on the body to protect it and to keep demons at bay.

This wonderful piece, full of color and design, has Goddes Isis on top spreading her wings to protect the soul of the deceased. An Oushak necklace sits over the chest, with the figures of the four sons of Isis on the lower register. Two sons appear on each side with lion, jackal, hawk and crocodile faces guarding the body. The body is shown laying on a bed with goddess of Truth, Maat, helping him and the monster awaiting on the floor.

Items in this state of preservation are very rare.


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